The design process

The consultation/brief

Firstly, we will have a consultation where your initial brief is discussed. This is the most important part of the design stage as it provides us with essential background information regarding your business, your products or services and your company ethos; all of which helps the designer to get a clear idea of your target audience and the best way to approach your project. It also gives the designer time to get to know you and make a good basis for our working relationship.

Prototype designs

Once the brief has been taken you will receive a proposal with detailed prices for each element of your project explaining everything from prices and print quantities.

Now the fun begins.... and we get creative. As soon as these first prototype designs are complete you will either receive them via email or by post for you to review and evaluate.


Once you have received the initial prototypes, we will discuss the design(s) to decide on the next stage. This could involve refining elements such as colour, typography, images and narrowing down the design style to progress further.


When we have agreed on an initial style the designer will then work on progressing your design to the finished product keeping you in the loop all the way through the process.

Final output

Once you are happy with the design(s) and they have been signed off, the artwork will then be created to professional press specifications and either sent to print. Or if you have your own printers, supplied to you, either via email or on CD/DVD for you to arrange printing.

Logo design being slightly different, you have every format you would need in the future and can use your new logo in your own documents or on your website as you wish.